Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wings and Things

When I was a kid I was obsessed with flying.


Not only did I desperately want to fly but I believed that if I tried hard enough I could.

Why not right?

There was no doubt in my mind,
So I set about to my task.

I made a makeshift hang glider out of wood and blue tarp.
(only to jump off the roof of the jeep and twist my ankle.)

I made a contraption out of a towel tied with rope that hung from the porch rafters and suspended myself in it.

Belly in the sling, arms and legs outstretched I swung back and forth for "practice".

I jumped off the barn roof into piles of hay.

One time I even jumped off a 40ft bridge into a flowing river but alas, I never made it into flight, at least not in the way I had dreamed I could.

I may not have flown but I sure as hell had fun trying and I think this is the way I'm cursed (or blessed) to live my life.

Sometimes I set my sights ridiculously high but it's not always about getting what you want, it's about having a good time trying!

No wonder I chose to be an actor!

Trying to succeed as an artist can feel as impossible as trying to fly.

But it's absolutely fun to try!


A. Wolfe said...

dude, two words ----> pilot's license

go after the dream

Shikka said...

Totally! One day...

krista said...

and i'm the struggling actress (although i'm not struggling a whole lot considering i'm not in pursuit of it right now) afraid of heights.
maybe if i focused on flying more and not falling.
this is a good reminder.
thank you.