Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! House, body and mind. Spring is another chance at starting something fresh and what might be on the horizon? I'm preparing for something unknown...

  • R and I cleaned and prepared the empty room for our new roommie B, then we made him sign paperwork, give us money and drink with us. Initiation; make a mess, overshare a little, bust out the guitar, break some glass, and clean again in the morning...

Ma Chambre:

  • Since I don't live alone I have to treat my room like my own mini home. I Cleaned, re-arranged, got rid of shit, polished hard wood floors, washed laundry and eliminated clutter.
  • Goal for the weekend: Get curtains and get a plant!

Le Corps:
  • Went to the doc, got a clean bill, put an end to weeks of neurotic fretting and irrational belief that I have every disease. Rode away on my bike smiling and a cute guy at the crosswalk said, "you look beautiful". Smiling continues...
  • Hair tinted, bangs trimmed, recent skin issues resolved, feelin' good!
  • Running/biking; check! More or less healthy eating; check! Vitamins and water; check!

That thing in my noggin:

  • Started two new books.
  • Going to meditation tonight and signed up for a retreat in June. Yay!
  • Nice long conversations with the cool people in my world.
  • Contemplating crazy dreams...
  • Made some lists.

OK, I'm ready!



I guess all I can do now is chill and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL sunshine! See you at Dolores Park.

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