Friday, April 3, 2009

Sink-Top Notes

This morning two tubby men in suits stopped to scope out a parked motorcycle as I jogged towards them.

Yes men, you are manly and adventurous. I see, I see!

Little sis called and said, "I cut off my hair, and it wasn't because I got broken up with! I just did it for me!"

(Ladies love the "break-up-and-then-transform-yourself-physically" move.)

Yes little sis! You rock! And I've decided to do the same. Hair chopping set for Sunday!

...Then this morning I got a "time for friendship" note from a recent not-quite-friend. The universe has foiled my plans again!

Slightly more single than I was, the hair will be chopped into the "fresh on the market" look.

Yoga + Running + Biking = I could eat a [tofu] cow!

Why does self-tanning lotion make your skin smell salty?

Gmail is amazing
Gchat is the devil

Mark Morford makes me giggle yet again.

On that note, why are people so afraid of sex? I don't get it.

Final thought: People having babies.



krista said...

i'm intrigued by people having babies on purpose. i kind of feel a bit, i don't know, less than because mine was my favorite mistake to date. almost as if it gives me an out because i didn't intentionally set out to bring her here so that i somehow have a bit of an "i'm doing the best i can" mentality. which is ridiculous because although i was on birth control, i am also 100 percent pro-choice so it's not like i didn't have options. it was never a question of whether or not i would keep her. so it's like i'm using this idea of the "accidental pregnancy" to set lower standards for myself. sometimes i think that the people who actually plan for the pregnancy are doing a better job than i am merely because they prepared more.
who knows...just the thoughts that rumble around as i walk the baby around the neighborhood.

i love this collection of notes, by the way. it reminds me of when my boyfriend will ask me what i'm thinking and i'll look at him and say 'really?' and he'll say 'yes' and i will spout off a diatribe of seemingly unrelated thoughts that make sense to no one but me and he'll just look at me and smile.

One-Taco Josh said...

I still may be donating my special ingredient to help a lesbian couple have a baby. It would be through official insemination, as opposed to artificial. Not afraid of sex. Not afraid of having a baby. It wouldn't be mine anyway. Nature vs. nurture, everything changes when you have a child blah blah blah. I look at it more as a favor.

Stephen said...

Shikka said...

getting comments is way better than getting flowers :)

Jake said...

I don't fear sex, and I doubt people on average fear sex. If sex was feared on average, humans would probably be extinct by now. Thus, people that fear sex (so-called "genophobics") are rare. Some plausible explanations for the cause(s) of genophobia include sexual trauma (ie. rape) and/or pain during sexual intercourse.

Although I might change my mind at some point, I currently don't want kids and I doubt I'll ever have such a desire. Having kids generally means lower levels of subjective happiness, less money, more stress, et cetera. To me, all of those aforementioned effects outweigh the alleged benefits of having having children.